The Eurasian Agriculture and Natural Sciences Congress is a congress which we would like all participants of agriculture and natural science to come together. The Eurasian Agriculture and Natural Science Congress will be a medium for exchanging information on the latest developments and applications to be addressed in all aspects of agriculture and technology in agriculture in the world, and discussions of new technologies in this area. Food, Agriculture, Environment and Life Sciences will be the main topics in the congress at which we would like all participants related to the issue from production to consumption.

     Since mankind has existed in the world, agricultural activities have been important for the pride of the world; Communities have been racing throughout history to win more productive and richer agricultural land. With the increasing world population, agriculture lands and agricultural production have increased. However, in many countries today agricultural land is declining in quality and quantity. In addition to the increasing population and the desire to reach more agricultural products per capita, these declines in agricultural areas lead to the requirement to obtain agricultural products with higher quality and quantity per unit area. In this context, nowadays agricultural production has become a technological effort to be done in the light of science.

     Taking advantage of existing resources and achieving more qualified and more agricultural value has been and continues to be a field of occupation of valuable scientists. In this context, the problems in agriculture are similar, though they are localized in many countries. The agricultural problems in the European and Asian, where have been inhabited by many civilizations throughout the history, and the researches aimed at the solutions of these problems will be discussed in The Eurasian Agriculture and Natural Sciences Congress with a holistic approach and the outcomes will be tried to be extracted.